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We'll explain how this works: Do you want the lowest priced clean vehicle at convenient locations throughout Hawaii, we can connect you with rent-a-car services on the five major Hawaiian Islands. Join thousands of visitors taking advantage our free service (no booking fees). View availability and some of the thriftiest rates at Cheap Hawaii Car Rental.

Driving in Hawaii
Driving in Hawaii

Car rental in Hawaii with pickup at major island airports

Kauai: Lihue LIH

Maui: Kahului OGG, Kapalua JHM

Oahu: Honolulu HNL

The Big Island: Kona KOA and Hilo ITO

Molokai: Hoolehua MKK

Should you rent a Jeep? Or maybe an SUV or large passenger van? Possibly you need a people-mover (mini-van). Let us help you decide what vehicle you should rent for Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai and the Big Island. Our exclusive partners provide negotiated car rental rates through major car rental agencies.

Example of rental vehicles
Examples of cars for rental in Hawaii
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